Monday, January 31, 2011

Yard Work - Day 2

Survey done, touch-up painting done, today's work is to cut the holes in the bottom of the boat. Dave is confident he can get this done, and the Keel Coolers properly sealed into the holes, in one day. We launch tomorrow morning as planned. Hope he's right :)

Dave and the Surveyor Going Over the Boat

For those of you following in our wake, we used Donald "Bud" Scelsa of Hawaii Marine Surveyors. He is a NAMS Certified Marine Surveyor, and approved by IMIS/Markel, and probably most other marine insurance companies. Cheapest we found in Honolulu at a little under $14/ft ($600 for a 44 foot boat). 808-371-3465

Last night we again had hot showers courtesy of Dave's old cruising friends from Sea Host, whom he last saw in Trinidad in 2000. They are living aboard in the marina here, and have a key to the showers (not normally accessible by us yard rats, for some 'only in Hawaii' reason). After a nice hot shower, we went out to dinner with Claudia and Rob at the local 'Zippy's' (a Hawaii version of Denny's)

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