Friday, January 28, 2011

Haulout at Keehi Marine Center

We moved around from Pearl Harbor to Ke'ehi Lagoon, in preparation for a haulout early tomorrow morning. Fortunately, we only have a limited list of things we are trying to do, so we'll be back in the water by Monday noon.

We're Overnighting in the Slipway in Prep for a 7am Lift Tomorrow

First on the list is to cut the holes in the bottom of the boat for our new Frigoboat Refrigeration System Keel Coolers. These will give us an efficient 'water cooled' refrigeration system without having to run a water pump.

We spent all morning stowing junk on board--getting ready for sea. We only had about 4 miles of open ocean to traverse to get from Pearl Harbor to Ke'ehi, but it only takes one wave! It's a nice day here, conditions not too bad 'outside', and nice sunny tradewind conditions. We saw two huge sea turtles sleeping at the surface. We heard reports of a mother whale and calf just outside the channel, but didn't see them ourselves.

Other than minor maintenance on our underwater exposed metal surfaces (prop, lightning ground, etc), the only other thing we plan to do this weekend is slap about 2 gallons of paint on the bottom. The bottom still looks really good from our haulout in Ecuador 18 months ago, but we're going to take advantage of the haulout to touch up the bottom paint.

We also have a surveyor coming to do a full Condition and Valuation Survey while we're out--most insurance companies require a survey every 5 years, and we're just about there.

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