Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Underway for Woleai

As much as we were enjoying having Olimarao all to ourselves, we are still anxious to keep moving west. So when a tenuous weather window presented itself, we jumped on it.

We left Olimarao this morning, with winds about 8kts WNW. We are headed for Woleai, 120 nm WSW. The winds are forecast to go a tiny bit more N of west, so we are hoping to be able to sail most of the way to Woleai, and then motor in when the winds drop again tomorrow.

So far, things have gone as planned, we are sailing with the engine off at about 4 knots, in mostly the right direction. Right now we've got 92 miles to go and 24 hours to get there before dark tomorrow. There is more wind now than we've seen in a week or so. If only it would go a little more north, then we'd have a beautiful sail on a full moon night.
At 04/15/2014 6:18 AM (utc) our position was 07°31.68'N 145°25.98'E

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