Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Cold Squally Night Off Foa

All those Kiwi's arriving in the area in droves have brought their nasty cold weather with them.

After a long summer of temperatures consistently above 80 degrees F, where we like it, the temp this morning was a chilly 67 degrees. BRR!!! Definitely too cold to go snorkeling, even if the sun was shining.

The weather last night turned out pretty much as forecast... gusty winds 20-30 knots SE. Our Gust Meter recorded a peak gust at 33 knots at 6:30 in the morning. We had hoped for a short bout of heavy rains (as forecast), to wash all our salt off from the passage, but it merely dripped all night--seemed more like condensation falling from the sky than actual rain. I guess this is the nature of the 'Convergence Zone' in the wintertime.

What is a little puzzling is how high the barometric pressure is for these latitudes and these conditions. Without looking at a forecast, I would expect low pressures, in the range of 1010 mb to go with this weather, but our two barometers are showing about 1015 mb. We haven't gotten much of a dip in pressure at all, as this thing approached.

The nasty weather is forecast to persist through today and then ease off a little tomorrow. And hopefully clear some.

We have finally gotten the chance to spend some time reading the guidebooks and other cruiser' accounts of cruising and diving in the Ha'apai. We are really psyched about doing some diving ourselves. If only the weather will give us a break...

At 2012/05/19 4:24 AM (utc) our position was 19°44.16'S 174°17.33'W

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