Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend in Atlanta

We had a nice weekend hanging out at my sister's house in Atlanta. She has a nice mother-in-law apartment which is currently empty, so Dave and I had a place to ourselves where we could spread out and get comfortable. After traveling for several days, and our 8 hour timezone shift, it took us a few days of trying to get our body clocks set back to Eastern time.

Joan and her Tomatoes

My sister Joan has an amazing vegetable garden out back, so we got to go out and help 'feed the worms' and look over all her beds of luscious vegetables. We had huge salads with each meal with big fat red tomatoes and fresh lettuce. And we made my mother's famous Gazpacho recipe (a fresh vegetable 'soup' served cold) completely using the fresh veggies from Joanie's garden. Sweet.

Lots of Other Veggies

Summer Squash

Lettuce, Cabbage, and Broccoli

We also enjoyed a little time with my niece, Sally, and her son, Tucker (3). Tucker's first words to me were "Are you old?" And of course my reply was "No!" "Then chase me!" After 5 minutes of chasing him in circles around the house, I finally understood why Joanie had said "I'm too old to do this." and hence Tucker's important question.

Dave, of course, was glued to the 50" plasma TV with DirectTV on it. We watched the entire college football lineup on Saturday (and not so much the Pro's on Sunday). Dave spent most of the time working on his laptop on his upcoming presentation for SSCA on 'Surviving Big Storms in Port'.

We left Atlanta Monday morning for the first week of our trip through the NE U.S. By next weekend we'll be in Annapolis for the Sailboat Show.

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