Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Short Respite in Cincinnati

We spent 4 days in Cincinnati, visiting my daughter Nicki. While Nicki and her SO Tsukasa worked, we relaxed and regrouped. We totally took over Nicki's new dining room for our own use (thanks for putting up with us, Nicki!!)

Nicki and Tsukasa

The first item on our agenda was boxing up all the 'boat stuff' we'd bought in the previous 2 weeks, and shipping it to Atlantic Towers in NJ. These boxes would get included for free in the arch box that Atlantic Towers is shipping to California (to then get put on a ship for Fiji).

It took us all day to find appropriate boxes, get the stuff packed up, taped up, labeled, and off to the Post Office.

The next day we spent most of the morning ordering a few more things off Amazon.com to be shipped directly to Atlantic Towers. Then we took off for an afternoon at the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton Ohio. We weren't THAT interested in Air Force history, but we wanted to see the National Aviation Hall of Fame, which is included in the AF museum. We found Dave's dad's plaque in the Hall of Fame, and we also enjoyed browsing the rest of the museum. It's very well done.

Cool Old Airplanes

Dave's Dad in the Hall of Fame

Saturday, we spent most of the day watching College Football on Nicki's awesome TV. Dave enjoyed having a lap full of kitties.

Dave With a Lap Full of Kitties

And on Sunday, we finally got outside to do some sightseeing in Cincinnati--we went to the awesome Jungle Jim's grocery store--a must for any visit to Cincinnati.

The "Foodies" Entrance at Jungle Jim's

This store is a cross between a Costco/Sams, a fun arcade, and an international specialty foods store. I could not believe the acres of specialty foods--and all at great prices. It had everything from an olive bar to a fresh food area. The olive bar was like 8 feet long!! Just olives!! And there was a cigar bar, a cheese bar, etc, etc. Just the beer section was bigger than most liquor stores.

There Was an Acre of this Kind of Stuff

Monday morning, we reluctantly said goodbye and headed further south.

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