Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunny Weather for the Next Week!

Tropical Storm Jasmine is slowly moving south and east and dissolving. YAY!

Yesterday was beautiful. The wind died off to about 10 knots, and the sun was out for most of the day. The only rain we got was a tiny sprinkle, just as we sat down to dinner.

We finally went ashore last night and had our 'Valentine's Dinner'. The Aquarium Cafe was doing a BBQ night, and we went ashore for that.

Their 'sail' (large awning for a roof over most of their cafe) was torn up in TC Cyril, so we were sitting outside watching the sun go down and smelling the chicken barbecuing on the grill. MMMM!!

Just as it was getting dark, and we were all picking up our forks, it started sprinkling. Fortunately there was room to move inside. We moved back outside under the stars as soon as the rain quit.

It was a beautiful dinghy ride across the harbor, under the stars. And a nice quiet night.

The memories of 4 weeks of crappy weather is already receding!

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