Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bye Bye Jasmine!

It is ironic that, with Jasmine approaching us, and hovering over southern Tonga, we have had the best string of weather in a month--2 whole days with mostly sun!! (smiling)

Soggy Paws at the Work Dock

With the sun out we have been able to clean up and get some things done. Keeping a very close eye on Jasmine, yesterday we pulled alongside the work pier next to Customs, and James the Welder fitted our swim platform back on. This piece was critical because without it, getting out of the dinghy was difficult, and getting out of the water was impossible. We can now go swimming again.

James and Dave Putting Swim Platform Back On

We have also been working on an order for fiberglass repair material out of New Zealand. We have the order mostly complete, but it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive from NZ. We have an experienced fiberglasser lined up to do the repairs when the supplies arrive.

Next up on Dave's list is to try to repair the dinghy. Unfortunately, what dinghy repair glue we have is toast. And we're still trying to locate the patch material onboard. We may have to wait for our shipment from NZ for dinghy repairs. But we have been loaned a dinghy for the duration, so it is not critical.

The outboard motor should be done pretty soon. Dave cleaned up the carburetor, and the foot, and then handed it off to Noah, the local outboard mechanic, to pull it all together. The broken bracket is being replaced by another one from a dead outboard.

Thanks for everyone's kind comments, expressions of sympathy, offers of help, and even the "I Told You So" from Doug on Fellow Traveler. We are just thankful that we had no irreversible damage to either boat or to any person involved.

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  1. Wow - the damage is much more extensive that I thought. What a storm and so glad that you guys made it through it. Hope the boat work goes well and the sunshine continues!