Saturday, February 11, 2012

Next Up is Tropical Cyclone Jasmine

We are watching Tropical Cyclone Jasmine approaching from the SW. It has been slowly coming our way for about 10 days, and was originally forecast to head south and die. But the latest long range forecast shows it drifting ENE toward Tonga, and then looping back down south. The forecast showing it weakening, as it gets closer to us.

Tropical Cyclone Jasmine Current Satellite Photo

The current forecast shows it staying about 300 miles away, and weakening. Our local conditions are supposed to only build to about 25 knots here, but no one here trusts the forecasts any more!!

At least this time we'll have internet and can watch it more closely. It's walking along the 25S latitude line, which is the border between the Fiji Cyclone Center and the New Zealand Cyclone Center. It should be interesting to see how the forecast changes as it goes back and forth across that border.

The link for this sat pic is here:

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  1. Good luck. We will be thinking of you and watching with you.

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