Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pictures of the Damage to Soggy Paws

We have moved from Tapana back around to Neiafu town, where we have some internet, so below are some pics of the storm and the damage to Soggy Paws.

Neiafu Harbor During Super Bowl (the day before)-Squalls to 30 knots.

Looking Out Our Port Side at the Height of the Storm

Sea Flyer on Our Starboard Side Minutes Before Collision

It looks like we had already started to drag by this picture, though in the excitement, we didn't really notice it until the wind shifted a little more south, which put us right on top of them.

Dave Checking on Sea Flyer and Dinghy

This is about when the shit hit the fan--the dinghy (on davits) started to flip over and flap about, and I noticed how close we were getting to Sea Flyer, and went to start the engine. About a minute later, a gust swung us towards Sea Flyer and across their mooring line and onto their bow. I quit taking pictures then, and unfortunately, no one in the harbor was taking pictures of us either.

Our Port Quarter Smashed to Hell

This shows the worst of the damage to the hull.

Oh My God!!

Port Hole Totally Bent But Glass Undamaged!

Toe Rail Smashed to Bits

Damage on the Stern

Our Monitor Wind Vane and Swim Platform Ripped Off

Fiberglass Pieces All Over My Bunk

Buckets in the Bunk to Catch the Rain

We have taped over the damage with three sturdy trashbags, yards of duct tape, and some butyl rubber (modeling clay-like stuff), yet still it rains inside when it rains outside. I'm sleeping on the settee for the time being.

Not pictured: Dinghy with one pontoon punctured in 2 places, Dinghy Motor ripped in two, smashed solar panel.

Our swim platform is being reconstructed and should be ready on Monday or Tuesday. Dave has been hustling for fiberglassing supplies. There is a guy on a mooring at Tapana that worked as a fiberglasser at a boat yard, so we'll probably have him do the fiberglassing work. We'll probably re-locate the useless porthole in the closet on the starboard side to replace the bent one on the port side. But we do need a week's worth of dry weather to do anything, and that's not in the forecast for the next 10 days.

We have a borrowed dinghy for the time being, until we can get to the dinghy repairs. Our 20 year old outboard motor, which Dave is really attached to, is in the hands of a motor mechanic who has some old motors he can use to rebuild ours with. (Dave salvaged the important parts and got them rinsed and in a diesel bath ASAP).

Please, God, let the sun come out!!

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  1. Hey Sherry. We haven't had enough internet to follow so I just now took a look at this. I almost cried looking at your boat! But it looks like you guys are getting everything back in shape and taking it all in stride. Good luck with that! We're in Kosrae now and have done some guys will really enjoy it when you get up this way. take care....Andy, Monica, Jake