Monday, July 11, 2011

A Long Way Home

July 6, 2011

Dave's friend Jim Neale left today for his 40-hour trip back to Florida. Here was his route:

- Dinghy trip to the beach (09:30am)
- Bus on Moorea to the Ferry Dock
- Ferry to Papeete
- Shopping and lunch downtown
- Bus to the airport (last bus leaves at 6pm)
- Overnight Flight to LAX (departure 11pm)
- 12 hour layover in LAX
- Flight to Orlando

He arrived on Friday morning, and was picked up at the Orlando airport by his friend Rene. Then he had to make 2 stops for us before he could go to sleep... one in Orlando to drop off an electronic device for repair, and one to the Post Office to mail a package for us.

He had a great time visiting us for 2 weeks in Tahiti and Moorea, but I think he was ready to head home by the time he left. (Life aboard with Dave can be kind of exhausting!)

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