Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Update T+6hr

We are still fine, though we're still hearing inputs from our friends around the islands...

s/v Infini and the others that were at Hawaii Yacht Club got underway about 11pm last night, and as of an hour ago, were still being kept outside the harbor. All the boats were still milling around outside the harbor, with the Coast Guard standing guard and keeping boats from going back in. We have not heard how the docks and facilities in the Ala Wai Basin (including HYC) fared.

Our friends Rob and Claudia, on s/v Sea Host at Keehi Lagoon had a minor disaster--they had left their boat and evacuated to high ground, and on return, found that their entire dock had broken loose, and the boats and dock all rafted together were surging back and forth in the lagoon. They just called us to say that they managed to get a ride out to the 'raft', and free their boat. They are now trying to figure out where to go. Claudia said the surge is still incredible in the lagoon, and it's not safe to try to go outside. They are going to try to find a temporary tie up, and figure out where to go next.

We have a friend living on the water on the North Shore of Oahu, about 6 feet above sea level. He called an hour ago and said he was evacuated, and only just got back around 8:30am. He said his yard was full of debris and his fence and gate was smashed, but his house is OK, and no water got inside.

We have another friend on a boat in the Kona area on the Big Island. We haven't heard from him yet. And we haven't heard from Cahoots on Maui.

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