Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Update T+12hr

We have gotten calls and emails and some links and pictures from our other friends...

The water is still surging in the harbors, and the boats that are outside the harbors waiting for the go-ahead to go back to their slips are still waiting.

Gary, our single-handing friend from s/v Sea Flyer off the Big Island, sent us this a couple of hours ago:

The Harbor is still closed due to the currents in there. One boat tried to go in but they turned around and came back out after hitting a light post and knocking it down on the walkway.

I may spend another night out here. It was a rough night last night, but not from the Tsunami. I didn't feel it go by out here--just fair size swells and no wind to sail.

I am sailing nice now. May be able to get some sleep when I get past all the other boats out here.

Have reports of damage in Kona and all along this coast. At least one house floated away.

Another friend just came back from the North Shore of Oahu and said he could still see the water surging in and out at Haleiwa Harbor.

We are, of course, watching the news reports from Japan and our hearts go out to those people and everyone around the Pacific Rim today.

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