Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Update T+1hr

We are watching the local news, but it's only 4am out and still dark, and everyone's having a hard time watching what's going on. We are staring at grainy yellowish videos, and the TV reporters are trying really hard to make it exciting.

Having experienced the slow sloshing of the ocean after the last big tsunami, when we were in the Galapagos, I can understand what the reporters are talking about. But it's hard to get excited about 1' waves.

We feel more movement on Soggy Paws when the Admiral's Barge goes past.

Dave went back to bed already. I'm soon to follow. It's 4:15 am here, and I've yet to get any sleep.

They have cancelled school for today and closed non-essential government offices. I'm sure no one in Hawaii got much sleep last night.

Thanks for all the good thoughts from our friends all over.

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