Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Update T+3.5hr

I think the tsunami is over in Pearl Harbor. We really never experienced any wave action that I could feel down below.

Reports of waves "swamping the beaches" in Honolulu seem a little exaggerated, from what I saw as the first few waves reached us. Though I didn't watch the TV reports through the whole morning.

It seems that Maui got higher waves. Hope our cruising friends on s/v Cahoots hanging out in Maui are OK.

We haven't heard back from our friends on s/v Infini and s/v Before (and several others) that were docked at the Hawaii Yacht Club Aloha Dock. I am sure they got underway and spent the night in the ocean off Honolulu, milling around in deep water with several hundred other boats...their biggest risk not the tsunami but collision with another boat!

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