Sunday, March 24, 2013

Still Working on the Arch

Well, Dave's "3 Day" arch project is now going into its 3rd week. Hopefully we are just about finished.

We did get the arch up and mostly mounted in just 2 days, but finishing the mounting (drilling and tapping screws, adjusting the height properly etc) took another 2 days.

The Radar and Solar Panel Support

Then we started re-assembling all the "stuff" that goes on the arch, and re-running the wiring. The radar is now up, along with the stern light, anchor light, VHF antenna, siren/alarm, new wind instrument vane, and 4 solar panels. It took 2 full days just to get the wires pulled up into the arch tubing for all that stuff.

Tying the Two Small Panels Together to Move as One Panel
First Panels are Up

Panels Fully Mounted

Our New Wind Instrument

Alarm Siren

The wind vane for our new Clipper wind instrument that we bought in the U.S. in November--is mounted on the new arch, but the instrument it hooks up to is not yet mounted in the cockpit.

Semi-Finished Wiring and Dinghy Davits

Today's project is to finish the dinghy davits. Yesterday we tied them in place with rope, to play with the exact positioning. Today Dave will drill the holes and mount them in their final location.

Nearly Done

Tomorrow's project is to put the wiring chases in our bunk back together (oak panels that hide the wiring). Our bunk cabin lights are mounted on them and we've been reading by flashlight for the last week. (I might have convinced Dave to finish the 'LED light conversion' project that we bought the LED's for 2 or 3 years ago, as part of this.)


  1. Major project almost done. Soggy Paws is looking good!

  2. Quick question on the Atlantic Towers arch-- Did Dave order the entire Arch that way-- or was it an add on in addition to an existing Dingy davit install? Cheers-- Thomas & Kelly