Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Week on the Tui Tai in Fiji

We're back aboard in Savusavu after a very rainy week.

This Weather Lasted Nearly All Week!!

We had a pretty good time on the Tui Tai, even though it rained more this week than it has all year (and the weeks afterward).

The "Sun Deck" in the Rain

Isoa, the Activities Director, Briefs us on Emergency Procedures

But we still got in some good diving out on Rainbow Reef and Budd Reef.

Awesome Diving
Our Album of the Diving

In the middle of the week, we spent nearly one whole day hanging out in the cabin reading and sharing travel stories, because the weather was too severe to go out in small boats. We had a really nice group of people who managed to find humor in our terrible weather, and the resulting poor conditions on the Tui Tai.

Jerry from Challenger, Reading in the Main Salon

My favorite fellow passenger was Allyson, who's theme song was "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!" Always accompanied with a big smile. But everyone tried to stay upbeat--there were no whiners, thank God.

Allyson's "upper deck" ($$) cabin floor sloshed with all the rain seeping under the nice big sliding glass doors. But she and her husband, Steve, who had just spent 6 months camping in Australia, just told wry Brit jokes and kept smiling.

Allyson--Always Smiling

We spent one afternoon kayaking in the rain.

Setting Out on a Kayak Expedition

Dave and Jerry Head Off

Exploring Viani Bay in the Rain

Our Faithfull "Minders" Keeping us Safe from Sea Monsters

A Little Horse-Play After We Return

We managed to hike to two Taveuni waterfalls, and stand on both sides of the International Dateline.

The Taveuni Waterslide

We hiked up here and then slid down the "sluice" on our butts. Then we went and stood on the Dateline.

The Meridian Sign

The Meridian Church--Typical Fijian Contrast

Later In the Week, We Hiked to the Big Waterfall

A Big Waterfall & Long Hike

Dave LOVES Waterfalls

We did make it out to Budd Reef, where we had visited in Soggy Paws in July. We had snorkeled then, but had not gotten a chance to dive. We did 3 dives at Budd Reef--it was really nice having dive guides and a dive tender.

The non-divers did a snorkel and then a hike up to the crater.

Heading for the Crater Hike

On our last day, Dave arranged for a tour of the Engine Room.

The Guys Take an Engine Room Tour

The morning we left, the whole crew assembled in the lounge to sing us the "Farewell Song".

The Farewell Song

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