Thursday, September 13, 2012

Overnight in Fawn Harbor

We arrived at the outside of the pass into Fawn Harbor about 5:15--we ended up having to motorsail most of the day in order to get in before dark, as the sun sets at an early 6pm this time of year.

We actually had some good sailing the last couple of hours, as the wind finally came up after we passed the southern tip of Taveuni, and we had a screaming broad reach up in to the big bay. We ended up having to roll in a little genoa, because we were leanin' a little too much, and it was getting hard to hang on, steer the boat, and type on the computer, heh heh.

The light was fading fast due to fairly heavy cloud cover, but Dave said he could see well enough to go in. We used our e-charts, Curly's waypoints, and tracks from other boats to keep us in the right place. The Google Earth chart of the entry area and the eastern anchorage is really clear, and the tracks and waypoints we had plotted right down the middle. So it wasn't too difficult, with a good watch on the bow. The pass snakes around a little, and there was some current, but it wasn't bad.

We dropped anchor in the eastern anchorage right at 6pm, in about 30 feet of water. Our anchor bit immediately, and we had a nice quiet night.

The next morning, we wanted to explore the 'hurricane hole' we had heard about. We nosed around a bit, but light was poor, and it actually rained a bit while we were motoring around. We're not sure we ended up in the right place. It didn't look like we could get Soggy Paws into an area with 360 degree wind protection. Dakuniba is much better from that standpoint.

We didn't do any exploring ashore, as we were now hot to get in to Savusavu and Eat Dinner Out.

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