Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Still Enjoying Savusavu

Well, for another 24 hours, we are still in Savusavu... But hope to be on our way to the 'out islands' soon.

Our friend Jim on the Rag of the Air talks about the 'Dens of Iniquity' in Savusavu, but it's really just a cruiser's heaven. Flat dead calm water, hot showers, cheap beer, easy provisioning, reasonably priced laundry, etc etc etc.

The marinas are great cruiser hang-outs, so lots of chances to meet other boats and crews. Fiji is somewhat of a cross-roads. Many cruisers sort of stop here, and spend multiple seasons summering in New Zealand and wintering in Fiji. It is 'only' a 2-week trip between NZ and Fiji or Tonga.

Other cruisers hurry through on their circumnamvigation, or trying to reach Australia. Several of our friends are headed soon from Fiji to Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and then on to Australia. Our good friends on Infini skpped Fiji altogether, opting for the 'accelerated' route to Southeast Asia, via Darwin Australia.

But for us, we are scoping out the cyclone (hurricane) moorings in Savusavu. Even after our experiences in Tonga, we still feel that we'd prefer to stay in the tropics for Cyclone Season--we are looking forward to 'summer' diving conditions. The current 'winter' conditions are a bit cool for us--and windy, of course. Think of the 'Christmas Winds' (in the Caribbean)., but our mid-winter here is in July..

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