Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Ship Came In!

The Forum Pacific, the Reef Shipping ship that allegedly is carrying our fiberglassing supplies from NZ docked in Neiafu Harbor yesterday. This is good! Now all we have to do is wait (a day or two we hope) for them to get released by Customs. Another guy is handling this--as all 3 shipments were bundled together in one shipment.

We are going to celebrate by going diving with Riki again today. This will likely be our last dive with Riki--we need to move back out to Tapana where Carl is--the guy who's going to do the actual fiberglass repair. And Riki is heading for NZ in the next few days also.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few days--no wind and mostly sunny. The harbor is absolutely glassy this morning, and the only clouds are very high thin ones. It should be a great diving day!

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