Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day 4 - Kawio to Sangihe, Tahuna Harbor

We had a great sail today from Kawio to Tahuna Harbor, Sangihe. No internet :p but great sailing conditions! Wind abeam mostly, seas reasonable, fast sailing (in a catamaran).

The last 10 miles along the west side of Sangihe were a bit challenging. The wind did its "cape effect" thing and accelerated. Fortunately we pulled in the Code Zero (our 10 kt sail) before the winds got over 15 knots. We clocked 27 knots several times. After we were a few miles south of the NW corner, we finally had to start the engines to maintain a consistent speed.

We weren't sure what we were going to find in the deep harbor of Tahuna. But as we motored in, we could see a few bright yellow moorings available. These are big yellow barrel-like moorings--yellow tarp wrapped with ropes around a big styrofoam barrel. The one we picked up was off the new dock (new 2016). It looked new--no slime and no barnacles, and the rope looked sturdy. But no idea what is on the bottom. We probably could have found a deep spot to anchor (70-80 ft), but Dave was convinced we'd be OK on the mooring overnight.

We probably could have gone into the dock had we been inclined. There is one boat on the dock, with enough room for another (dock is on N side of harbor, probably so new that it doesn't show in Google Earth), but just in from this waypoint.

Mooring 03-36.43N / 125-29.42E

Our plan is to head out in the morning, however, so we picked up the mooring vs trying to dock. No idea what's on the bottom, but we held fast in 5-20 knot winds, with a tight anchor alarm set. There are 3 other similar moorings further in the bay.

Our plan is to head out early tomorrow AM for Siau, and be in Bitung late on Monday

We heard Ariel IV on the radio tonight (only just). I think we bounced between 4143, 4054, and 6224. The loud signal wiping out 4143 was gone, and we just had harbor noise.

Not sure exactly where Ariel IV is... only heard "8kts" clearly and something about Sangihe, but we couldn't determine if they are sailing east or west of Sangihe. We expect to meet them in Bitung on Monday evening for a Tues am check-in party.

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