Friday, April 29, 2011

Still Waiting for Parts

We did all the stuff we needed to do to get away yesterday, and were dismayed to find that our parts didn't make it here yesterday (it was a long shot, so we weren't that suprised).

We went down to the NOAA office at the University of Hawaii and got a personal weather briefing from the weather guys, and got a chance to ask a few questions about patterns and weather products. They were friendly and helpful, and interested in our trip. Looks like we have a nice window for departure for the next couple of days.

We also went down to U.S. Customs to get an official clearance paper. French Polynesia (we hear) doesn't need it, but you never know when you might end up somewhere else. $19 and 10 minutes of paperwork, and we have an official clearance out of the U.S.

We made a couple of more stops downtown at the usual places (City Mill, etc). One last thing on our list was an electronic rat zapper. We don't have rats, but it's always possible... Someone said that it's also good for 'B-52' type roaches (the big ones).

We also did our last laundry (gosh, I'm sure going to miss those washers and dryers!).

I was all set to go get our last round of Groceries (veggies, milk, eggs, and bread), but waved off on that when there were no parts in our mailbox.

So that's item number one on my list today.

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