Friday, April 22, 2011

Still in Hawaii for a Few More Days

We are continuing our non-stop preparations to leave, but just aren't ready yet. Making lots of progress, though. Yesterday we took the big foredeck awning down and hoisted the roller-furling sails. We now look more like a sailboat than we have in 6 months.

Our cabinets and refrigerated spaces are stuffed to the gills after about 6 $300 trips to the grocery store. There is no room for anything else, and quite a bit of lightweight stuff (potato chips, which cost about $10 a bag in French Polynesia) in bags out on the settee.

We have the car pre-sold and the new owner has been warned that we are days away from departure.

We are watching the weather--and our friends leaving. Infini (see link to their blog below, left hand side) left Maui yesterday, headed for the Marquesas. Sea Flyer, who left originally April 2, but experienced some rigging problems, left last night from Hilo. Windy City and Reflections are still doing what we're doing--working like heck to get stuff done, and leaving 'any day now'. Realistically WE won't be pulling away from the dock until at least Saturday.
Sherry & Dave
in Honolulu, Hawaii for the winter
At 3/1/2011 6:32 PM (utc) our position was 21°22.26'N 157°56.27'W

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