Saturday, May 9, 2009

Things we LOVE about the USA

Here are a few things that we really missed during our last 6 months in Latin America:

- Soft toilet paper (the average TP in S.A. is like using the pages of a phone book!)
- English language... everything is SO much easier when you are fluent in the language!
- Clean bathrooms, with seats on the toilets, paper in the stalls, soap and towels at the wash basins
- Triscuits (very hard to find outside the U.S.)
- Salad dressings (Chile has decent salads but only oil and vinegar)
- Veggies with dinner (though Chile has lots of veggies, they never seem to serve them with meals!)
- Cheeses (they are just not cheese people in Latin America... what cheese you can find is bland and unappetizing)
- Friends and family (hard to find 3,000 miles from home!)
- English language TV
- Walmart

We are enjoying San Diego.

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