Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We are Off to Indonesia!

Yep... sorry I haven't posted any pictures of all the stuff we've been doing in Davao over the last month. But between social activities and getting ready to leave on the Sail Sangihe (Indonesia) Rally, we've been too busy.

We left the marina this morning at 8:30 with a group of 6 other boats, including a few SSCA Commodores (Catamini, Sloepmouche, Brickhouse). Carina and Helena are following tomorrow.

We are going to Sangihe, an island in eastern Indonesia for our first stop, about 200 miles south of Davao.

The weather this morning is nice--sunny and light wind. But the forecast is for the wind to pick up out of the SSW--almost on our nose. So we are motoring south as fast as we can go. We are hoping to beat the approaching stronger winds. Originally we had planned to stop along the western shore of the Gulf of Davao, but now we think we may just push on through tonight. If we get far enough south, the wind won't be as strong.

We only plan to spend about 2 weeks in Indonesia--the Rally goes all the way to Raja Ampat (a very famous dive destination), but I think we'll head back from Sangihe. We are booked on a flight out of Davao on October 7, to start making our way slowly back to the U.S.

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