Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some Info About Sangihe

I do promise to fill in with text and pictures about our own (wonderful) time at Sangihe. But in the meantime, here are some links and local websites:

Marsello (left) and Friends/Guides



http://triple-mtour.com/ (still under construction)

If you are a diver or an adventurer and you are tired of all the crowded touristy (Bali-like) places in Southeast Asia and want to go someplace that is unique and unspoiled, come to Sangihe. By sailboat, it's only 200 miles south of Davao in the Philippines, and from Manado Indonesia, it is only a day trip by ferry.

My best advice is to contact Marsello at info@triple-mtour.com. Cell # +62-821-9475-5831 (from outside Indonesia) or 0821-9475-5831 (from an Indo cell phone).

Marsello speaks good English and has recently returned to his native island to start a tour company. He can help you with whatever you need here--from hiking to diving to day-to-day things.

And you will LOVE Sangihe. One cruiser from Australia who has been in and out of Indonesia and Malaysia for 30 years said this was the best place he had visited.

Sadly, we are leaving Sangihe today to head back to the Philippines to get ready for our journey back to the U.S. in October.

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