Sunday, June 10, 2012

Diving in Niue

We had a great couple of dives with Niue Divers. I don't have time to write much text, but here are the best of the pictures that Dave took on our 4 dives.

The Niue Divers Boat

Note: I am not as fat as this picture shows... the wide angle lens makes me look terrible, but it's a great shot otherwise.

A Poisonous Sea Snake Napping in a Cave

Our Group in the Cave

A Poisonous Sea Snake Swimming

Me Playing with Sea Snakes

A Golden Spotted Moray Eel

Another Great Shot by Dave

Big Lobster in a Cave (in a no-take zone)

A Tiny Colorful Nudibranch

A Spotted Eagle Ray Glides By

Jet Blue Spiny Sea Urchin

Sea Snakes Mating

Obviously... Sea Snakes are one of the main attractions in Niue.

The other main attraction are the whales, but it's not whale season yet. There have been some scattered whale sightings while we've been here, but not consistent enough so that we can go out and swim with them. June is early early whale season... July is better, but the whale season peaks in August and September.

The Humpback whales come to Niue and Tonga to have their babies in the mild winter weather. During peak whale season, Niue Divers does 'swim with the whales' adventures... wish we were going to be here then...

All photos copyright Dave McCampbell 2012. Permission required to reprint or republish in any form.

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  1. Wonderful pictures - thanks for sharing your adventures!