Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Boatyard Cats

We have been adopted by the local boatyard cats... I wonder why??? Since the first day when we were walking back from the bathrooms, and 2 of these kitties started trotting alongside us... "Oh boy, new people to feed us!" We have been feeding them.

These amazing cats can climb a 10' ladder, easily. And what's more amazing is, they can climb right back down again, as neat as you please.

So now, in the mornings when we go out to the bathroom, there are 3 cats sitting at the bottom of the ladder waiting for us. And we know when it's 5 o'clock in the evening... all 3 cats gather and wait for dinner.

If we're a little late for feeding time, Tripper, the boldest of the cats, will come on board to remind us. We have found morning cat prints all over the deck. If we want to keep the cats off, we have to prop the ladder out away from the hull with a broom handle.

Tripper Sneaking Aboard

We have been Skyping with friends on s/v Restless in Chile, who were here 2 years ago. They are cat people too, and are glad to get news of the cats, Tripper and Marie. They have been trying to talk us into taking them with us when we leave. I asked them why there are no cats aboard Restless...

Tripper, looking in at Restless in 2007

The cats also, in typical cat fashion, like to get in the middle of whatever project Dave is working on.

Tripper, helping Dave work

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