Saturday, February 14, 2009

Enroute to Ecuador - Day 6

8am Position: 01 38.05N 83 32.07W
Progress in the last 24 hours: 53.5 nautical miles
Miles to Go: 223
Fuel left: Approx 26 gallons

Still very little wind. What wind there is looks like it is trying to fill in right on our nose.

We had a short burst of wind in the middle of the night that drove us crazy. I pulled out the Code Zero and we were smoking along at 5 knots. Then the wind seemed to be increasing, so I woke Dave to help pull in our light air sail and put out the Genoa. By the time we got all that done, the wind had died again. Couldnt even hold the Code Zero up.

The GRIB file I just pulled in shows wind under 8 knots from varying directions for the next 3 days. Sigh.
At 2/14/2009 1:33 PM (utc) our position was 01°37.37'N 083°31.22'W

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