Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Felix: Another Non-Event

Well thank goodness for us that Felix spent his fury on the coast of Nicaragua.

We awoke this morning to very dark skies, but still not much wind. We were ready to do lots of hurricane prep but had thankfully waited to see what the final track would be. Once it hit the coast of Nicaragua, we figured we'd be OK.

Again, that's why we're here in the Rio Dulce during hurricane season.


  1. Gee, you guys are cutting it close. But thanks for not sharing the hurricanes and keeping them for yourselves. Glad that you guys are safe and sound. Now get back to cruising and sending us pics!

  2. 2 cat 5's back to back - OUCH - hopefully no more of those and like 6 more weeks to the down side - nothing here in TPA but some breezes - knock on wood - then out into the cruising world again - Yahoo !!!!

  3. Glad you guys made it through the 2 storms. Everything is good here. We took Sienna Belle out last weekend for a 3 day trip around the keys. Had a blast except it being way too hot. Take care of each other. Check out lats & atts, carol and richie are in it.