Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Heading Further South Today

We made 2 more dives on the Half Moon wall on Sunday. On one dive we went back to find a big green moray eel that we'd seen the dive before when we were low on air and our cameras were both out of battery. Dave got a couple of good shots. He wouldn't come out for me. We also came upon a smallish turtle feeding on a coral head. He totally ignored us and just munched away at the rock. We got several good shots of him.

Yesterday we moved back out to Long Cay, in preparation for our departure for points south. We were originally going back to our previous anchorage, but Dave had put the fishing line out, and the batteries needed a little charging, and so we kept on motoring south along the wall. We saw another opening in the reef here we could get in, near the south end of Long Cay. So we went in and anchored near some nice looking coral heads.

We spent a few hours snorkeling and exploring in the dinghy, but though there were a whole bunch of lobster holes we only got one (a nice big one though), and never did see a live conch. Quite a change from further north. But we had fresh lobster spaghetti last night. Dave promises to catch me a fish today.

Today we are leaving Lighthouse Reef, sailing along the back side of Glover's Reef, and in through the mainland reef at South Water Cut. We may stop for a snorkel along the back side of the reef at Glovers, if we see a spot we can pull in and anchor. Our dive book has a few dive flags on that side, but it doesn't have waypoints. Neither of our two guidebooks mention anything about the back side of Glovers.

Still having fun!

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  1. LOBSTER SPAGHETTI - that is sooooo wrong !!!! Here I am eating a frozen sausage biscuit while reading about Lobster Spaghetti - I love lobster and I love spaghetti - white sauce I presume - although either would be good - hey - why not both !!!!!!! Gourmet cruisers !!!! OK - I am going to go pout