Monday, September 21, 2015

Schlepping Our Stuff From One Boat To Another

Most of the last few weeks have been occupied by trying to unload all our "stuff" from Soggy Paws I to Soggy Paws II. This has been our #1 priority, so we can get the interior refurbishing underway.

Piles of Stuff to Put Away

For about a week, we hired 2 guys from the marina labor pool to work with us for an hour or two a day, to help with the manual labor of "schlepping". Dave and I would spend an hour or two filling all our available moveable containers (mostly bags) that we own. Then "the boys" would spend an hour carrying it down the ladder, into a trolley, down the dock, and into Soggy Paws II's cockpit. Then Dave and I would spend the rest of the day trying to get enough stuff put away that we still could move around in our cabin.

Where are we Going to Put it All?

We quickly realized that the beamy hull of the CSY holds a LOT more stuff than the fairly narrow hulls of the St. Francis Cat. So all of our guest bunks are now filled with "stuff" while we continue to sort, put away, and purge.

Do We Really Need this Stuff?

We understand the downfall of loading down a catamaran too much. So we are trying really hard to break ourselves of our packrat habits. It's difficult!!

This Stuff (Medicines Expired Over 3 Years)
Is Too Good To Throw Out!??

I spent 2 days sorting through our medical chest and the medical supplies that were left on Blue Moon when we bought her. I trashed a bunch of expired or damaged meds, and gave a whole bag of stuff to another boat.

There is a "Free Box" at the marina, and anything put in there gets a good look by everyone. The marina workers usually get there first. They have also been known to "feel up" trash bags and tear into them looking for anything of value. (Stuff we think has no value appears to have a lot of value to them.)

Our Pre-Flea Market For Sale Flyer

We have a bunch of big ticket items on a "For Sale" flyer on the bulletin board, and Dave has organized a flea market here at the marina for next weekend.

I am trying to "rip" all our CD's and DVD's to a hard drive (or two), to get rid of the big heavy notebooks full of plastic media. These will all be on sale at the flea market. (DVD's are a great trade/gift item in the out islands, so we'll probably put them in our "trade" box--we DO still plan to get "out island" again!).

We also have a "take home" pile that is growing pretty big. Good thing we didn't give away that extra suitcase we brought back with us from the U.S. in January!

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