Monday, August 4, 2014

My Computer Lives!

Yesterday afternoon in a particularly "boisterous" patch of weather, my ASUS Eee PC (which was not properly secured) launched itself off the nav station onto the floor, with a few pieces flying. It was not on, thank god. But Dave, who picked up the pieces, was sure it was toast.

The little blinking light that indicates "standby mode" was still blinking, so I was hopeful that it might still be alive. When I first tried to start it up, I got a scary disk error (OH CRAP!). But after re-seating the disk drive in it's socket, it started up. Thank God for small favors!!

I am well prepared for disaster recovery--you absolutely have to be on a boat. Just the salt air will kill a computer in a year or two--one little teeny salt water drip can be fatal--not to mention hauling the computer all over creation in a backpack, and the "at sea" encounters like yesterday.

I keep pretty good back-ups, and I have a spare computer I could migrate to, but the last time I backed up was about a week ago. And who has time to re-create one's life on different computer, no matter how good your back up is??

This little cheapo ($350) computer that I bought in 2009 has been such an incredible buy. I wish I'd bought 2 or 3 of them. We have bought 2 of its successors, also called Eee PC's, but not nearly as well built. I'd like the same case, same keyboard with a faster processor, more memory (mine is limited to 2GB) and a bigger HD... for the same $300 price range. Too bad the company has "upgraded" their PC line.

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