Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Still Struggling with Light Winds

I guess we should have just kept going (past Funafuti) when we had the good winds.

But we didn't. And now we are stuck in a big wind hole. When we left, the GRIBS said we'd only have about a day of light winds and then we'd reach stronger winds, but the wind hole has expanded and now we are on the second day. We have been able to sail some, but yesterday evening was filled with squalls (lots of wind, then no wind), and about noon today the wind went basically to zero.

So we are slowly motoring NW, hoping that the promised winds will fill in. It looks good the day after tomorrow... :(

At least it isn't blowing 25 knots!

At least the engine is running, and we have a good supply of diesel (purchased in Fiji at $5.80 USD per gallon *cough*)

Meanwhile, we've been getting a lot of reading done--studying up on Tarawa and on the Marshall Islands.

One thing that's nice about almost no wind is that it's easy to cook, so we've been eating well.

Our ETA in Tarawa is Saturday morning--we have about 315 miles to go now.

Hopefully we can get cleared in on Saturday. We are hoping to schedule a tour of Tarawa for Monday, and then leave for the last leg--333 miles from Tarawa to Majuro--on Tuesday.
Sherry & Dave

At 05/01/2013 7:53 AM (utc) our position was 03°12.97'S 175°38.62'E

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