Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are in Gay Paree!

We are in Gay Paree!! We had a fun 2 days in Germany (hopefully I'll have time to post a few pictures on this). But now it's time for France.

The four of us (John and Sandy Delappa and Dave and I) took the fast train from Kaiserslautern to Paris yesterday afternoon. Sam and Nancy were supposed to pick up a rental car and come meet us at the railway station. We eventually made contact, just a little late. They ran into horrid Saturday afternoon traffic on their way from the car pickup to the Gare de Est railway station... apparently some big music event/parade in Paris totally snarled traffic.

After they had collected us, it took us another hour of heavy traffic city driving to get back out to the Marriot, which is near Disneyland Paris, about 20 miles east of Paris.

Fortunately, Sam and Nancy have a family friend who lives in Paris, and who helped them find the car rental place, the railway station, and helped guide us around the traffic as we left the station.

More later, we're off to explore Paris!

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