Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On Passage to Belize, Day 3

At 0700 this morning we are just clearing the western tip of Cuba and headed south. Our original plan was to go straight south for 80 miles and then angle over toward Belize. This was to minimize Gulfstream effects. However, the weather forecast is for good winds today and lighter winds tomorrow and Thursday. So we're thinking we may crack off soon and make some westing and do more south tomorrow in the lighter winds.

Right now we are still feeling the effects of the Cuba land mass. We were able to sail nicely all day yesterday, but had to motor sail most of the night in very light winds. But as we clear the western tip we expect the wind to settle in at 15 kts out of the East. Right now we have huge swells from the Caribbean wrapping around the S coast of Cuba. Hopefully these will ease off as we clear the coast.

Other than that, can't complain. We're having a ball!
ETA Belize is still sometime Thursday.


  1. Yahoo - glad all is going smoothly - swells no fun - hope fully you will find a rythem after you round Cuba. I wonder what shifts you guys are doing - 4 hours or 3 hours - tried 2 hours once - not good. Have a safe rest of the trip

    Bill C
    s/v Geodesic2

  2. It is 11 am on Tuesday and I am at work reading your latest entry. You are killing me here.....!!
    Have fun.... :-)

  3. OK, it is Thursday at 7:23AM and no posting - we are all waiting for the "Land Ho" Got to agree with s/vbelieve - you are killing us with the fun - soooooo jealous. I can see Geo out the window and she is calling "Dad - let's go sailing" waaaaaaa