Monday, February 28, 2011

Waimano Falls Hike

We had a nice time hiking with our dock neighbor's son, Mike, and his family and friends up to Waimano Falls a couple of weeks ago. They live here in Hawaii, and have a group of friends with kids who go out and do things together. So when they planned a Sunday hike, they invited us along.

We met in a parking lot down by Kamehameha Highway, and caravaned up to the start of the hike. Like many in Hawaii, the hike starts off a residential area, so we just parked on the side of the street.

It was a great hike--starting out along a ridge with some nice vistas, and then down into a valley to the waterfall. Getting back out of the valley was a little tough--nearly straight up for about 20 minutes, but the waterfall was worth it.

Starting Out on a Nice Path

It was a hoot hiking with the kids--about 10 of them running everywhere. They loved jumping off the rocks at the falls, and did it tirelessly the whole time we were there.

Hiking with a Gaggle of Kids

Dave and I started back a few minutes earlier than the rest--I wanted plenty of time to do that hill at my own pace. So we were resting at the top of the grueling climb when the kids came up. They scrambled up the hill, hardly out of breath, and then started running down the trail. And still had enough energy at the end to to be climbing trees while we waited for the rest of the group to catch up. Oh, if you could just bottle that energy!!

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