Friday, December 31, 2021

Back to Oceanview Marina

The trip back to Holiday Oceanview Marina, down the coast of Mindanao was relatively uneventful.

We stopped in Bucas Grande for a couple of days, and got the drone out.
Beautiful Bucas Grande

Most of the trip south was a wind-less motorsail. Some days we didn't even take the awning down.
Motoring South with No Wind

We met the usual wide array of fishing boats.
Fishing Boats

And some friendly kids who wanted us to stay and visit their village.
Friendly Kids!

I dropped my cell phone from the helm station--about a 4 ft drop--and it landed on the corner. Eventually this purple stuff crept all the way up the screen, making the phone unusable. I was forced to move to a standby, a very old Samsung Galazy S3. I see a new cell phone in my future!! (I did end up buying a new phone, but also got the screen on the old phone fixed).
Broken Phone

One of our Last Sunsets

We arrived back at Oceanview Marina on Nov 15 and COVID protocols were still in place. We were told we had to go to the health center on the island for a COVID test. But when we got there, they said we didn't need it. We also were told we had to quarantine for 5 days. But 4 days into the quarantine, they also removed that requirement.
Soggy Paws and Meikyo Sharing Quarantine

We spent most of December getting ready for our leap into Indonesia in January. The requirements to enter Indonesia were still a moving target, but by god, we were going to get going!
Required Provisions for Us and the Cats

Checking out PCR Testing Facilities in Davao

We Had a Very Nice Christmas Eve Dinner with the HOV Gang