Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl in Honolulu

We had a great Super Bowl Sunday. Mike and Sue from s/v Infini have rented a condo for a month in the Ala Wai area of downtown Honolulu. It is within walking distance of the Hawaii Yacht Club where they are based, and perfect to host visiting friends for a couple of weeks, and provide a place for them to 'hang' while doing interior boat work.

Great View from the 16th Floor of the Ilikai

We all visited them one day (on our way to the top floor of the Ilikai for sunset Margaritas), and decided it would be a great place to watch the Super Bowl.

Mike and Sue were actually hauled out on Super Bowl Sunday, but they got through with their work in plenty of time to come enjoy the festivities, too. Their blog post.

I got some great already-cooked BBQ ribs from the Commissary, and made baked potatoes and salad, and fed everyone. Sue and Lee from s/v Before provided munchies. We all stuffed ourselves.

Dave Enjoying the Ribs

We enjoyed watching a pretty good game, and of course, the commercials.

Watching the Game

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