Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a Small World

In the 'It's a Small World Category'... We have enjoyed re-connecting with Rob and Claudia of s/v Sea Host, who are living aboard in Ke'ehi Lagoon. They've been living aboard and working here in Hawaii for 6 years.

Some other cruisers we know (Cahoots, whom we met in Tahanea during the eclipse last summer), were tied up in the Ke'ehi Lagoon area, and met Rob and Claudia on the docks somewhere. They somehow mentioned Soggy Paws in their conversation, and Claudia said "We know a Soggy Paws..."

Dave first met Rob and Claudia at the 1998 SSCA Gam, where they were both preparing for their first major cruise. They then island hopped together (along with a whole bunch of other boats) down the 'Thorny Path' all the way to Trinidad, and all were hauled out in Trinidad the winter of 1999/2000.

Coincidentally, the 2000 Carnival in Trinidad was also the year that ex-husband Lenny and I flew down to 'do Carnival' (for the 3rd time) with our friends Wayne and Pam on Gallivanter. Chances are that we socialized with Sea Host, and Dave and then-wife Stacey at some cruiser Carnival event during the two weeks we were in Trinidad. (But we don't know for sure).

We DID, however, meet Don and Gwen on Tackless II during that trip to Trinidad. They were also hauled out in Trinidad, next to Soggy Paws. They have the same CSY 44 Walkthrough model that Soggy Paws is.

Don and Gwen were with us and Gallivanter, and Ed and Alice on Lady Helen, for the Jouvert 'parade', where you slather yourself in mud and dance and drink til dawn through the streets of Port of Spain. It was Gwen, in 2006, that introduced me (by email) to Dave.

Once you've been cruising for awhile, you keep running into boats you've met before, or friends of friends that you've heard about. Even on the other side of the world, and 10 years later.

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