Saturday, May 7, 2011

Enroute to the Tuamotus - Day 7

6pm Hawaii Time
Miles today: 112
Mile Behind Us: 870
Miles to go: 1,457 (approx 11-12 more days)
Wind NE at 15-18 kt
Seas NE at 6'
Sailing SE at 5.3kt - 2 reefs in the main, staysail, scrap of genoa

Well, after the worst night we've had, we had the best day we've had on this trip. This morning dawned clear and sunny. The wind dropped just a little bit. The waves spaced out a little. And we had reasonable sailing most of the day. Amazing the difference a few knots of wind makes.

Just before he took his evening shower, Dave went out on deck to check on things--inspecting the rigging and other stuff on deck. He only found a couple of minor issues. The cover on our anchor windlass had come off--one explanation for the larger than normal amounts of water we had in the bilge. Even though I was trying to slow down while he was out on deck, Dave still got hit by one big wave while he was on the bow. (Hence doing the inspection BEFORE his shower).

We saw one fishing boat today. The AIS beeped when it entered our 'guard zone' at 15 miles. It was a 115 foot fishing boat from Japan. At first, it didn't look like we were going to come at all close to him, but he stopped and sat drifting almost right in our path. They did not answer our radio calls on the VHF. But he didn't move as we sailed past. Dave thinks he was maybe parked there on purpose--protecting one end of his net from us. We eventually passed in 1/2 mile away. We could track him on the AIS for several more hours--he was 26 miles away before we quit receiving his AIS signal.
Sherry & Dave
Headed South for French Polynesia

At 5/7/2011 5:34 AM (utc) our position was 08°33.78'N 151°52.89'W

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