Sunday, May 1, 2011

En Route to Tuamotus - Day 1

6pm Hawaii Time
Miles today: 120
Miles to go: 2,148
Wind ESE at 5-10 kt
Seas 3' confused
Motorsailing SE at 5kt

We finally escaped from Honolulu. It was a wonderful time and we really enjoyed it. Besides the exotic location and beautiful cultuer, we will so so miss all our friends on Oahu, especially those who hung out with us for sunsets on C Dock and Monday nights at Hawaii Yacht Club.

We got a lot of 'boat projects' done. Logistics are so much easier when you can pick up a phone and order something, when you have a car to get around town, and when you speak the same language as the people you are interfacing with.

Mid afternoon yesterday we were wavering--it clouded up and rained on and off all afternoon. Dave was feeling fatigued from getting up early, running all day to get ready, and the 'patch' he'd put on the night before. So while he took a short afternoon nap, I went in the water and took the bag off the prop (what's wrong with this picture??). Another rain shower--we were still wavering.

I was antsy to just get underway. Dave was leaning toward having some time to review his list one more time, getting a good night's sleep and leaving early in the morning. While this was logical, I didn't want to waste another 12 hours of a light wind weather window--to get some easting in an area that normally blows 18-25 kts out of the ENE--and to get south before it starts honking again. But the clincher was that we'd have to pay another $15 to spend another night. So we got underway at about 4:30pm local time yesterday.

When we made the decision to go, it looked like the rain was clearing, but we left in a light mist and got deluged right outside Pearl Harbor while we were putting the sails up. That wasn't a good start.

However, after that, it settled into a pretty nice night. We motorsailed for awhile, and then the wind came up and we were able to turn the motor off and sail right on course at a good speed for about half the night. The wind has been up and down all day (one of the down sides of a light weather window). But we'd rather use our 'iron genny' (the motor) than bash into heavy wind and seas.

We have been motorsailing all day in the light and variable winds in the 'lee' of the Hawaiian islands. By dawn tomorrow morning, we should be clear of the Big Island, and hopefully will have just the winds we're looking for--ENE at 15 kts.
Sherry & Dave
in Honolulu, Hawaii for the winter
At 5/1/2011 5:29 AM (utc) our position was 19°32.40'N 157°02.40'W

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