Monday, May 10, 2010

The Best Sail We've Had So Far

Since about midnight last night, the winds eased to just under 15 knots, and the seas eased to about 4 feet. We have had a nice sunny, warm, tradewind sailing day. We have only had the big genoa up, and haven't had to touch it all day. With no main, "Janet", our autopilot, doesn't have to work so hard. No black clouds, and all the wind shifts have been favorable ones!

We've been sailing along in gentle winds and gentle seas all day, but still making about 5.5 knots. Nice!

I got several Happy Mother's Day's from Dave, a nice email from daughter Nicki (followed up by a short satellite phone call from me to her), and even the guys on the Pacific Seafarer's Net wished me a Happy Mother's Day.

We are eagerly anticipating landfall tomorrow morning sometime at Tahanea.

I went looking for other sources of slack current information, and found contradicting information in the British Admiralty and the US Pacific Pilot guide (Pub 126). The cruising guides seem to quote one or the other. Gram on Visions has put together a spreadsheet, presumably to enter the moon rise/set times and come out with expected slack times. I'm not sure which one he's based it on, but they've been in and out of 3 atolls now, so we are assuming they know. He told us to shoot for 9am tomorrow or 3:15pm. It looks like we'll get there in time for the 9am.
At 5/10/2010 7:21 AM (utc) our position was 17°03.30'S 143°39.45'W

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