Thursday, October 9, 2014

Vavau Tonga Yacht Services Update

I've been contacted by Joe Caesar of Vava'u Shipwrights in Tonga to let me know that my Tonga Compendium is behind the times, regarding yacht services in Vava'u. I'll get the Compendium updated soon, but in the meantime, here's an update on yacht services in Vavau, straight from the horse's mouth:

In terms of services offered, James the Welder is no longer here, but Ian Cox still is, he runs Trouble In Paradise. Here's what we have (provided by Joe Caeser of Vava'u Shipwrights):

Vava'u Shipwrights - Joe Caesar and Alan Morey.
We've been working in this field together for many years, first in the Caribbean (SXM) and for the past 2 years here in Vava'u. We focus on: fibre glassing, resins, woodwork and carpentry, electronics, refrigeration, some rigging work, spray painting and most other things yachty. We also keep a stock of epoxy resin that we sell by the liter (+676 7516854)

The Boatyard - Al and I are in the construction phase of a haul out and storage boatyard in Vava'u. Using a hydraulic trailer we will be able to lift mono and multi hull boats with a max length of 58ft, tonnage of 28 tonne and draft of 8ft. The yard is close to the main harbour and will be open in April 2015.

Trouble In Paradise - Ian Cox and Andrew run this shop, still at the fisheries wharf (next door to us) and they focus on all types of engine repair, welding and some fabrication

Seahorse Power - Also at the fisheries wharf, Kevin is a diesel mechanic and a BETA Marine Dealer. Kevin also welds and does fabrication. Kevin also has a small stock of engine parts for sale

Canvas and Sail Repair - We have 2 canvas and sail repair companies: Seams To Me (Laurie) and Vava'u Canvas Repair (Phillip)

We all have pretty good links for importing parts so we can get most things in for any big jobs.

We are all contactable on VHF26 - its a small place, everyone knows us!

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