Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finally "Home" in Melbourne

The last leg of our trip home was through familiar grounds, visiting family.

We first stopped at my brother John's house in Hawthorne, FL. We were there the day that Hurricane Sandy hit NY/NJ. We sat and watched the whole coverage on TV with John. It was odd being on the other end of the stick--usually it's us sitting there with Jim Cantori of The Weather Channel in our backyards. So glad it wasn't us, this time! I totally empathize with all those people in NY/NJ.

GRIB File Show Sandy About to Hit the NY/NJ Coast

We did also manage to get out on John's 4-Wheelers and zoom around on his property. We also got a tour of his Lake Area Nursery greenhouses.

Heading Out on the Quads

The Lake Area Nursery Mandevilla Greenhouses

One of John's Patented Pink Velvet Mandevillas

John's Truck

Our last stop on our 4,800 mile trip was at Dave's Cousin Bryan's house in Largo, FL. Bryan is like a brother to Dave and is always happy to see us. He has been handling our mail, so we needed stop in and pick up the 50 lbs of mail accumulated in the last 10 months. We played some golf with Bryan and enjoyed a couple of days hanging out in the Heliker Hilton (though, it was too darned cold to enjoy the pool).

Then we headed across the state to our hometown of Melbourne, just in time for TGIF at Melbourne Yacht Club.

I got to go racing on s/v Sleighride in the Women's Race on Saturday. There wasn't much wind, but we had fun getting out on the water with "The Girls".

We're Ahead!! (but not for long)

Getting the Weight Forward

On Sunday, Dave got to play in MYC's Pars and Bars Golf Tournament.

Dave's Foursome at MYC's Pars and Bars
(with Ex-Husband Lenny)

The weather here in Melbourne is beautiful... highs in the mid 70's and sunny. We are loving being back in our tiny condo on Melbourne Harbor, at least for a little while.

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