Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Few Quick Photos from Machu Picchu

Sherry with the ruins and Wyna Picchu in the background

Machu Picchu is one of the few Inca sites that the Spanish never found. Therefore it is pretty untouched, except for the ravages of time. The city is located about 1000 feet above a narrow ravine.

Two mountains tower over the ruins... Wyna Picchu (Young Mountain) and Machu Picchu (Old Mountain). Though the park now limits access to Wyna Picchu to only 400 people per day, we managed to be the last ones up Wyna Picchu for the day.

We took over 300 photos on our 4 days through the Sacred Valley and up to Machu Picchu. But we are off on another adventure, so here is just a few from our trip. Hopefully we'll catch up and post some more later.

The Ruins from Wyna Picchu

Dave got this great picture of a hummingbird

Dave in a Typical Inca Doorway

We are now off for a 3 day whitewater rafting trip on the Apurimac River.

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