Sunday, November 18, 2007


We have been busy the last week seeing old friends and attending various events:

- WRCC (Waterway Net) picnic in Wickham Park (Thursday)

- MYC (Melbourne Yacht Club) TGIF (Fridays)

- SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association) Friday - Sunday

- CSY (Caribbean Sailing Yachts) Owners Breakfast - Sunday

- ECSA (East Coast Sailing Association) Wednesday

- GW (Globe Wireless) Wednesday

Sherry raced with her old women's crew in the ECSA Women's Race on Sunday, taking first in 2 out of 3 races. Meanwhile, Dave and friends played golf at the newly renovated Patrick Golf Club.

The SSCA Gam was its usual flurry of social and learning events. The best presentation we attended was by Nine of Cups on their 'Circumnavigation of South America'. They went some cool places.

We had a nice breakfast with old and new friends at the CSY Breakfast, held at Memaws BBQ on the Sunday of SSCA.

Saw many old and dear friends at the Waterway Net Luncheon just before the SSCA Gam.

Sherry gave a 45 minute slide show/presentation at the ECSA meeting on Wednesday night (and promises to do the same at MYC TGIF on Nov 30).

We had a nice visit at Sherry's old company, Globe Wireless.

And finally, TGIF at MYC. The newly renovated clubhouse is gorgeous and we are really enjoying being back in town to enjoy the clubhouse and all our old friends.

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  1. So, Dave, How did you shoot? Did Jimmy join you? How much longer will you be in the Melbourne area?

    Jack and Meg